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Team Nissan GT-R (R35) Blue

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This product will be released at 17 January 2022

  • A01049


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Our collaboration with Nissan starts with a legend that probably describes the word " beastly" best. Starting with the base model, which already produced 550 hp and 632 Nm in 2012, you can tune your GT-R R35 DR!FT-Racer up to 1190 hp in the app's virtual workshop!

You can also unlock other engines, a (simulated) conversion to rear-wheel drive, and even an engine swap to a V8 unit.  

Like our limited edition, this GT-R also has the Pandem bodykit, the very special hood with large air vents as well as all tuning options. Like the original, it comes with all-wheel drive setup.

The NISMO lightweight RAYS forged wheels make our first JDM Racer, we think, completely perfect!


Currently you can unlock the following engines and performance upgrades for your GT-R (more to come):






Included in set:

  • 2x DR!FT-Racer Nissan GT-R Deep Blue Pearl
  • Both Racers are individually packaged, details see individual description
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