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Decal Sheet - hotti
The extra hot design for your racers! There are endless possibilities to tune and customise your DR!FT racer! How about new rims, or these stylish sticker sheets? These are available to fit every body shape. Self-adhesive, made of...
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F-10 Rims Europium Red
The F-10 wheel is a 20 inch rim in multi-spoke design with a deep drop-centre on the rear axsis!
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DR!FT Racetrack:Rally Land
Off the asphalt, onto the gravel track! The DR!FT Rally Land makes the Rally Cross mode even more fun! Together with the new targets included in the pack, the road characteristics for your DR!FT racer change to match the terrain. The...
85.00€ * 99.90€ *
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DR!FT-BMW E30 M3 - Sport Evolution (SE) black
DR!FT - Next Level! As original M3, the BMW E30 wrote automotive history. The M3 Sport Evolution was the highlight of the E30 series. With more cylinder capacity, an even stiffer suspension and many lightweight components, the Sport...
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