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Bridge support asphalt
These textile covers are intended for upgrading DR!FT bridges of the first generation. So you can affordably upgrade them to the newer version. The covers improve the transitions and the grip, especially when driving up the bridge. They...
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DR!FT Racing Curbs
DR!FT Racing Curbs 12 racing-curbs to build your own race track or just to use as a beer mat for the break! A must-have for real DR!FT fans!
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Track Barrier - Special Part Set - 32 Pieces
Track barrier - Special Parts Set The Special Parts Set is the ideal extension to your Track Barriers. With the additional curves and connectors, you can design an even more intricate racetrack. The parts can be easily assembled to...
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DR!FT Container Set
Content: 6 DR!FT-Containers for your harbour dock consisting of: 2x DR!FT-Container big (blue/silver) 40 ft. in 1:43 4x DR!FT-Container small (blue/silver/black/red) 20 ft. in 1:43 Material: Printed cardboard, can be erected in seconds,...
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DR!FT Bridge
The DR!FT Bridge!! With it you can upgrade your racetrack and drive even more exciting races with your DR!FT Racer. Dimensions: Length: 123 cm/48,4 inch Width: 42,5 cm/16,7 inch Clearance height: 4,5 cm/1,8 inch Passage width: 37 cm/14,6...
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Track Barrier Set - concrete-coloured - 64 Pieces
Track Barrier Set - concrete-coloured These Track Barriers can be easily put together into straight lines as well as curves because of their two different locking positions. Let your imagination run free. Their special shape also makes...
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DR!FT Online-Games Pack
DR!FT-Games Pack Your entry into the Season 2021! The perfect package to master the DR!FT Online-Games! Whether it's a race track or a gymkhana course, with this package you can set up all the obstacles exactly as they are defined in...
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