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Upgrade Sport Edition to Gymkhana Edition

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  • A03000


  • DR!FT-Racer made in Germany
  • Direct from the manufacturer

  Upgrade your Sport-Edition now! Get the full version! Earn points and use them for virtually tuning your Racer. How about a V12 with 980hp and four-wheel-drive? Are you ready?


The easiest way to upgrade your Racer is to start the app, then enter the MENU and choose the button SHOP (photo). It’s the Icon with the DR!FT-Racer and the spanner. Now tap on GET FULL VERSION. This will redirect you to our shop and add your Racer’s MAC address automatically.


Should you prefer to upgrade your Racer using a computer, you need to enter the MAC address manually. To find it, remove your Racer from the app as you see in the photo. Now scan for it again and you can see the MAC address you need to enter. Please make sure you only enter the MAC address of your own SPORT Edition and no other.


Your Gymkhana Edition already has the full upgrade.


As soon as the payment is successful, it will take only a few minutes until you can use all features. Additionally, you will have access to all future updates for the full version.

For the upgrade to work you will need internet access once.

Playing in Gymkhana mode requires Gymkhana Gaming Targets!

WEEE Rg. Nr. DE 26481039