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Frequently asked questions


Can I play with friends?

Because the vehicles are linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth-smart, you can also drive with your friends. Anything else would be boring.;)

How many vehicles can be used the same time?

The number of vehicles is basically not limited. Finally, the maximum number will depend on the location and other radio systems like wlan. It should be possible to drive with 10 to 30 cars at the same time. We have not yet been able to test this.

Is DR!FT more for beginners or for professionals?

There are different game modes from quite simple for hobby racers to absolutely realistic for professionals. So it is great fun for everybody.

What is so special about DR!FT?

You will not get an ordinary RC car with DR!FT. You'll get a racing simulation for your smartphone, which sets standards by itself. The DR!FT-Racer themselves are the "output medium" of this driving-simulation and they can reproduce any real driving behavior, calculated by the app with the highest precision. This includes for example realistic acceleration, braking distance, spinns and, of course the most difficult state: controlled drifting. With DR!FT the realistic simulation is taken out of the computer and released in reality. This is completely new, worldwide unique and only possible due to the patented drive concept of the DR!FT-Racer.

What is Sturmkind?

Sturmkind is the company, founded by Martin Müller, behind DR!FT.

Where does production take place?
Why does DR!FT cost more than many RC-cars of similar size?

With DR!FT you will not get an ordinary RC-car. You get a high-quality racing simulation for your smartphone and a DR!FT-Racer, which is, so to speak, the "output" of this app game. We want you to have fun with this high-tech product for a long time. Every DR!FT-Racer is therefore produced here in Germany under high quality requirements. In addition, we offer you a comprehensive customer service and ensure that you have long-lasting pleasure in our products. This also includes the fact that the DR!FT-Racer are fully updateable, so you will have a product up-to-date for a long time.

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