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Frequently asked questions

Why the DR!FT-Racer can be controlled by smartphone as precice as other RC-cars with a special remote control?

Our app developers have created a very fast Bluetooth transmission. An ordinary Bluetooth connection is significantly slower than the transmission of modern model rc-car controlers. This is one of the reasons for the bad controllability of conventional, smartphone-controlled RC-cars. However, it is much more important that conventional RC-cars do not move scale as their role model. Even RC-cars on the same scale as DR!FT can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 0.1 second! Any questions why the control of such a car requires an extremely fast radio transmission? Right here, DR!FT is different: thanks to a complex driving simulator on your smartphone, the DR!FT-Racer are the first model cars that move like a full size racing car. This also means what is transferred from your smartphone to the DR!FT-Racer is not the steeringwheel- or throttleposition, but the resulting behavior of a real car. In a real car, you also can not turn the steering wheel from one direction to the other in a few milliseconds, and nevertheless precise driving is possible. For this reason, Bluetooth is more than fast enough to provides you an excellent control over your DR!FT Racer.